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The intricacy of ancient lace and crochet patterns has inspired many of my creations, I tangle and weave threads together to see what random patterns I can get out of it. From a very young age I have been making clothes, accessories and jewellery using crochet technique. Crochet is so tempting for me because as far as we are now, there is no machine that could recreate the exact stitch that you can create crocheting by hand. I hope you enjoy browsing my website and I appreciate your support if you choose to purchase a piece from me.

I create jewellery and accessories that I love wearing myself, putting focus on the tiniest details. The pieces are all made by hand in my home studio in Berkshire, they are never exactly the same, they are also made in little quantities so you can be sure that there isn't many people around wearing same jewellery. By wearing my one of a kind pieces you can emphasize your unique style, strengthen your personality and be yourself without following masses.

Izabela Motyl means delicate earrings, crocheted necklaces, caged stones...