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About Izabela

    "From a very young age, inspired by intricate lace patterns, I have been making clothes, accessories and jewellery using simple traditional techniques. Crochet is so tempting for me because as far as I know, there is no machine that could recreate the exact crochet stitch that you can create crocheting by hand. I try to incorporate the skills I gained over the years into my jewellery. I weave silks together with sterling silver chains to see what random patterns will appear out. To keep the designs more interesting I add semi precious stones. The most distinctive features of my pieces are their intricacy and lightness. In my jewellery I also use gold and rose gold filled wire and findings as well as silk and good quality cotton. All the pieces are made by hand in my home studio in Berkshire."


      Crocheted jewellery by Izabela Motyl
      Crocheted gold filled disc
      Stand at textile fair in teddington